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Editor’s note: Subsequent to the airing of this story, the individual recorded approaching the houses contacted KTLA and the station was able to verify that he is employed by a security firm licensed to work with ADT systems. The video has been removed to protect his anonymity. 

Residents in Sherman Oaks, Valley Village and Toluca Lake went on alert this week after a stranger wearing a shirt with ADT on it reportedly stopped by multiple homes asking to come inside.

“They described his uniform as a very cheap copy of ADT uniform,” said a Valley Village resident named Rebecca.

Residents said he presented himself as a representative of the alarm company and wanted to come inside to check equipment.

“My husband ended up checking our cameras and noticed that when the nanny had gone back inside the house, he was looking through the windows and kind of checking out inside of the house … What was really suspicious was that when my husband looked back at camera, he had been waiting in his car for a while a few houses down from us, and as soon as he saw me pull out, that’s when he pulled in,” Rebecca said.

After he visited Rebecca’s home, she told her nanny to shut the door, and her husband called ADT, who confirmed that no representatives were scheduled for a visit at her home, she said. KTLA later learned that the man was affiliated with a company that does service ADT products.

Police said they didn’t receive any reports about the man at the time of airing this story.