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The California Highway Patrol confirmed Tuesday that one of its vehicles had a rear window shattered recently on the 91 Freeway.

The incident, which is still under investigation, comes amid dozens of recent BB or pellet gun attacks on stretches of the freeway in Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties.

The CHP vehicle struck was traveling through Yorba Linda shortly before 9 a.m. on May 14 when the back window shattered, CHP Officer Dan Olivas said.

The officer thinks the window may have been damaged from a thrown rock but the cause has not been determined.

The officer was not injured, Olivas said.

On Tuesday morning, another suspected BB or pellet gun shooting was reported along the 91 Freeway near Corona.

It’s just the latest of about 50 similar incidents that has CHP offices in all three counties working together to solve the cases, Olivas said.

Four incidents were reported on the 91 Freeway Monday, including one in Anaheim about 7:30 p.m. near Lemon Street.

Another, in which the rear window of a GMC was completely blown out, occurred in Riverside. The other two took place in Corona, according to the CHP.

“We are taking each of these incidents seriously and actively searching for those responsible,” CHP Border Division Assistant Chief Donald Goodbrand said in a statement. “The public should still feel safe while driving their vehicles on our California freeways.”

No injuries have been reported in any of the incidents to this point.

Investigators have not released any suspect descriptions.

The shooter, or shooters, appear to mostly be attacking white vehicles.