An animal services officer in Riverside County rescued a kitten who found itself trapped inside a column chamber of a home in Coachella Friday.

The homeowner called the Riverside County Department of Animal Services after hearing the faint sound of meowing coming from inside a column of their home on Lorenza Lane.

An animal services officer arrived on scene and discovered that the column was part of a driveway covering. It was hollow, but its top was not covered.

It’s believed that the kitten climbed inside for warmth or fell down.

A handyman hired by the homeowner responded and cut through the stucco and snipped some wiring to make a hole for the animal services officer to retrieve the cat.

  • The trapped kitten can be barely seen in the hollow column at a home in Coachella (Riverside County Animal Services)
  • A handyman cuts a hole in stucco to get access to the trapped kitten (Riverside County Animal Services)
  • The hole where it's believed the cat managed to fall into the column (Riverside County Animal Services)
  • Animal Services Officer Jose Cisneros who rescued the cat (Riverside County Animal Services)

Despite some hissing and protests by the cat, the officer was able to get it out without incident.

The kitten, a 4-month-old domestic short-hair, was evaluated by veterinarians and appears to be in good health, Animal Services said.

He’s since been taken into the Coachella Valley shelter where the team there has decided to appropriately nickname him “Stucco.”

As for Animal Services Officer Jose Cisneros who rescued the cat, he said he was happy to help and there was no ill feelings toward Stucco for hissing at him.

“With all the noise made to create an opening, I am not surprised he would be a little upset,” he said.