A Beverly Grove resident is upset and concerned after discovering a hateful, anti-Jewish message scrawled across his garage in black ink over the weekend.  

Scott Shulman, who for many years worked as a network news photographer covering wars in Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan, said he never expected this kind of hate in his neighborhood.  

“It said ‘feed the Jews to the pigs,’” Shulman told KTLA’s Sandra Mitchell. “I feel targeted because I’m a Jew and I go to synagogue, and it targets my people. I do feel targeted.”  

Surveillance footage captured the vandal, who was wearing a black hoodie, in front of Shulman’s garage. The Beverly Grove resident took to the time to post signs up around his neighborhood, encouraging anyone with information to contact the Los Angeles Police Department’s Wilshire Division.  

Antisemitic graffiti scrawled across homeowner's garage
Surveillance footage of a person in a black hoodie believed to have left antisemitic graffiti on a Beverly Grove resident’s garage over the weekend. Nov. 6, 2023.

In the police report Shulman filed, LAPD refers to the incident as a hate crime.  

“People are on edge,” Arianna Loewenstein, Deputy Director of the Anti-Defamation League Los Angeles, told KTLA.  

According to Loewenstein, hate crimes targeting Jews are way up.  

“We’ve seen an explosion of antisemitic incidents,” she said. “There has been something like a 388% increase in antisemitic incidents year over year.”  

She said that since Oct. 7, the day after Hamas’s bloody terror attack on Israel, to Oct. 23, there were 190 Israel-related incidents reported across the U.S. During the same last year, there were four.  

“It just makes me want to double down on the message of love,” Shulman said of the antisemitic graffiti on his garage. 

In Beverly Grove, police have increased patrols, and Shulman said he will continue to advocate for peace.  

“These are not problems that can be solved with armies or with guns or with bombs. It can only be solved with love,” he said. “The outpouring of love and support from my community, which includes Muslims and Jews, has been exceptional.  

The former news photographer said he has no idea why his garage was targeted, but said that LAPD is taking the matter very seriously and has been out several times since it happened. Police have not found any additional evidence of hate crime vandalism. For now, though, authorities also have no suspects.