Movie star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger went viral on Tuesday for posting a video of him personally filling what he said was a pothole that had been bothering him and his neighbors in Brentwood “for weeks.”

But as it turns out, the hole was not technically a pothole. 

The video, which has amassed over 11 million views since it was posted on Tuesday afternoon, shows the “Terminator” actor filling the rut with pre-packaged blacktop. 

“I always say, let’s not complain, let’s do something about it,” Schwarzenegger tweeted

However, the hole that was pestering drivers wasn’t there by accident. According to a statement from SoCalGas, it was an active service trench. 

“This location is a utility trench that relates to active, permitted work being performed at the location by the Southern California Gas Company,” SoCalGas said in a statement to KTLA. “(Workers) placed a temporary asphalt surface, which will then be replaced with a permanent asphalt surface when their permitted work is complete.” 

The utility said crews completed work to upgrade the pipeline system on Mandeville Canyon Road on Jan. 26. As part of their maintenance process, permanent paving takes place approximately 30 days from the project’s completion, but “the recent extraordinary wet and inclement weather delayed the ability to perform the permanent paving,” the utility said.

The “Governator” fired back on Thursday, saying pothole or not, the hole had been there too long.

“So everyone knows, the pipeline work was finished in January. Apparently, they thought it was a good plan to take six months to cover the trench, so I just did them a favor,” Schwarzenegger tweeted. “And why don’t they talk about the second pothole I filled?”

SoCalGas told KTLA they anticipate permanent paving to be completed by Monday.

If a pothole or other driving hazard is troubling drivers in your area, you should submit a customer service request to Caltrans or the municipal government that maintains the street.