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You might call “Plastic Jesus” a guerrilla artist — his style is often unconventional and unauthorized. Some of his work has shock value, a form of commentary on social and political issues.

His latest target? Gun violence, as well as the retail chain Target.

At the West Hollywood Target on Thursday, the artist and activist, who is named Nick and who hails from London, put on display a child’s bulletproof desk, which was for sale for nearly $200.

Featuring “bulletproof panels” around the leg area, which create a “safe space” for a child to take cover during a mass shooting, the art piece drew interest from shoppers. One boy jumped right onto the chair.

A sign read “No more need for thoughts and prayers, don’t let your child be the next victim and only available in the USA,” though there were some gasps among those who read the line “Money back if your child gets shot.”

Target wasn’t involved, but Plastic Jesus said he wanted to send a bold message about gun violence and reform following the recent string of mass shootings, so he and his team dressed up as Target employees and set up the desk in the children’s furniture section.

“With multiple school shootings, we keep skitting around the real subject, coming up with door locks and arming teachers, everything but the real issue, which is reducing access to guns,” he said.

You’ve probably seen this artist’s work before; he was behind the “wall” surrounding Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“I did a similar project here in Target a while back with child bulletproof vests in the back-to-school section,” he said. “And I just think it’s quite horrifying that people believe these things are real.”

The display was in Target for at least half an hour before Plastic Jesus and his team left the store.

It was gone when KTLA went there Thursday evening, and store management had no comment.