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Organized groups of gasoline thieves have been striking stations around Southern California.

At a Chevron in Long Beach, the “super organized” bandits used trucks modified with large plastic tanks to capture gasoline after breaking the pump so it continues dispensing, a clerk at the station said.

“It looks like construction truck, but in the middle, it’s designed as a tank, which means everything is modified,” the clerk said.

Aside from Long Beach, at least two other gas stations have been hit in the L.A. area, including one in Wilmington, where the thieves got away with more than 5,000 gallons of diesel worth about $30,000.

Other fuel thefts have been reported across the country, in some cases involving bandits drilling into the tanks underneath cars to steal gas.

In Southern California, gas station employees are encouraging each other to watch out for trucks that fill way, way up.

“I so upset! I know they’re coming soon. Doesn’t matter. I’ve got my landline phone ready to call police,” the clerk said.