On Sunday, the Los Angeles Police Department enacted its promised additional enforcement on the 6th Street Bridge.

“The mission of the operation is to deter criminal activity, arrest law violators, and conduct criminal investigations along the bridge,” the LAPD said Friday in a news release. “In order to maintain crowd safety, perimeter control, and safe movement of participants, the bridge will be subject to closing and expeditiously reopening.”

After multiple nighttime closures and viral videos showing takeovers, wheelies, climbers and even haircuts in the street, neighbors of the bridge and other SoCal residents have made it clear they’re ready for something to be done.

Other people have made it their own mission to spread positive energy on the bridge, including Steven Sandoval, who uses the social media handle @_thedoveguy.

Sandoval released doves, which he said was his way to bless the bridge.

“I think there’s a lot of effort that’s being put into controlling something that’s really public and is really hard to control … I feel like they’re putting too much energy into it and they should let things be, but I feel like it’s always good to have a little supervision over what people are doing here though,” Sandoval said.