Residents of a San Bernardino apartment building acknowledge that the structure is very much in disrepair, but many of them note that they have nowhere else to go.

“This is not our ideal housing. This is what we can afford, and the way things happen, you’re pushing people on the streets,” a tenant said at a community meeting held Wednesday afternoon.

The building at 340 W. 4th St. is owned by Fox Property Holdings LLC, and the city has filed a lawsuit against the company.

A judge has also issued a restraining order preventing the property owners from allowing any new tenants.

In addition, the restraining order requires the company to pay to relocate the tenants, who must be out by Oct. 24, less than three weeks.

The tenants say they have nowhere else to go, including 20-year-old Serena Rubio.

“[I’ll] take the two-week voucher, and then after that, someone’s couch,” she said.