Telecommunications giant AT&T is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of those responsible for stealing copper cables across the Los Angeles area.

The company said the thefts and vandalism have caused damage to communications infrastructure and affected “public safety and the community at large.”

The thefts and vandalism have taken place at various AT&T facilities across the Greater Los Angeles area beginning in January and continuing to this day, the company said.

Copper is used extensively in commercial applications, including as a conductor for telecommunication lines, according to Stolen copper can often be sold to recyclers at prices of more than $2 per pound.

AT&T is asking for the public to submit tips to help locate those responsible for the thefts. Anonymous tips are welcome, but a name and contact information is required for those seeking a reward.

Calls can be made to AT&T Asset Protection at 800-807-4205.

“While financial loss is a concern, assuring uninterrupted and high-quality service for customers is a top priority for AT&T,” the company said.