Two suspects were taken into custody Tuesday night after leading officials with the California Highway Patrol in pursuit.

Deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department initiated the pursuit when the driver was on the 710 Freeway, at around 8:30 p.m. for suspected reckless DUI.

CHP took the pursuit over shortly thereafter.

The pursuit suspect, driving a silver Nissan Sentra, was periodically blacking out the vehicle’s headlights while on the several different SoCal freeways. The driver transitioned between the north and southbound 5 Freeway, as well as the eastbound 10 Freeway, before finding his way back to the 710.

After exiting the freeway in the area of Downey and getting on Imperial Highway, the suspect at one point appeared to be driving into a parking lot, but then swerved back to the roadway over a curb.

Just a short time later, he slowed the car, exited and attempted to flee authorities on foot.

Aerial video from Sky5 captured officers with CHP releasing a K-9 on a person that was believed to be a passenger in the pursuit vehicle.

The driver of the Nissan was found hiding in the back of a liquor store.

Both suspects were then taken into custody.