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A driver who led authorities on a pursuit through the Anaheim area into Long Beach Tuesday morning appeared to evade being captured, at least temporarily.

Sky5 was initially over the pursuit as the driver in a Nissan Armada was traveling through the Anaheim area. Officials did not say what the motorist was suspected of or what prompted the chase.

Video showed California Highway Patrol officers behind the vehicle as it traveled on the 22 Freeway toward Long Beach.

The driver eventually got off the freeway in Long Beach and took to surface streets.

Authorities appeared to back off the pursuit at that point, letting the driver travel through Long Beach neighborhoods.

Officials will sometimes back off a pursuit if they have identified the driver and believe they can pick them up without incident at a later time. There was no word on whether that was the case in this incident.

Sky5 remained overhead, and just before 5:45 a.m. the driver stopped the vehicle under an overpass on San Francisco Avenue and turned off the lights.

With no other lighting in the area it was unclear if the driver, or the driver and possibly a passenger, exited the vehicle and left the scene.

Video from Sky5 showed two people walking down a nearby bike trail moments later but authorities were not in the area.

The same two people later exited the bike trail and walked down to the L.A. River just south of Willow Street, where they could be seen walking westbound through the wash toward the 710 Freeway.

Authorities arrived as the two people walked under an overpass but did not appear to see them.

The two people then emerged from the overpass a few minutes later riding bicycles but the officers had left the area.

Sky5 followed the two until about 6:22 a.m. but left as the they continued to ride their bikes near the 710/405 Freeway interchange.

Officials provided no further information about the chase.