Authorities pursued a vehicle on multiple freeways and surface streets across Los Angeles Monday afternoon.

California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department went back and forth between active pursuit and observation as the dark-colored sedan weaved in and out of traffic and sped through intersections.

The pursuit began in Lakewood before the vehicle entered freeways that took it through South Los Angeles on both north and south sides of freeways.

The vehicle had several near misses as it navigated surface streets and was visibly damaged after rubbing against several vehicles stopped at intersections as it attempted to get away.

After more than an hour-long pursuit, the driver ended up parking below a freeway overpass in the Bellflower area.

Two people were seen on foot walking away from beneath the overpass. The two people, believed to be a man and a woman, split up and ran in opposite directions.

Video from Sky5 showed LASD deputies corner the suspected driver near a shed not far from where they ditched the car. The female passenger was taken into custody a few blocks away from where the driver was arrested.

It’s unclear at this time why authorities began pursuing the vehicle or what charges the driver and the passenger could face.