Authorities have given the all-clear and students are being released following a bomb threat at Whitney High School in Cerritos, the ABC Unified School District public information officer said. 

Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials received a call regarding a bomb threat at Whitney High School around 12:50 p.m. Thursday afternoon, and shortly thereafter the school was placed on lockdown. 

A memo sent to a parent said that a person called the Cerritos Station and threatened to detonate a bomb at the school unless they received $10,000. 

A spokesperson for the ABC Unified School District could not confirm the report regarding the money request sent in the memo. 

More than 10 squad cars were seen outside the school as the investigation was being conducted. 

Students are being escorted by deputies to Cerritos Park East to be reunited with their parents, who should have their IDs with them to speed up the process, officials said.

Deputies are continuing their investigation on campus.