Bay Area Driver Uses Mannequin Wearing L.A. Angels Sweatshirt to Drive in Carpool Lane, Gets Pulled Over

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A Bay Area driver was ticketed after trying — and failing — to pass a mannequin off as a real passenger in order to use the carpool lane on Tuesday, California Highway Patrol officials said.

Officers doing carpool enforcement along Highway 4 in Contra Costa County pulled over the vehicle when they witnessed something not quite right inside the car, CHP tweeted.

A quick attempt to try and “chat” with the glassy-eyed passenger, clad in a Los Angeles Angels sweatshirt, revealed the issue.

The passenger “didn’t have much of a personality as a passenger when we met her this morning,” CHP’s tongue-in-cheek tweet read. “She just oddly stared at us while we issued her chauffeur a ticket for carpool violation.”

The mannequin’s attire earned it the nickname “Angel.”

Officers ticketed the “carpool cheater” — though they did give the driver some kudos, using the hashtag “nice try” for the tweet.

The incident marked the second driver who was cited for driving in the carpool lane in the East Bay in less than a week.

Last Thursday, in the same area, officers pulled over another driver for having a dummy passenger in the carpool lane, according to CHP.

He apparently had gotten away with using the dummy for more than two years before pulled over.

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