Bear Caught on Video Romping Through Altadena Backyard as Grandma Frantically Pulls Away Granddaughter

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An Altadena grandmother is predicting a busy bear-sighting spring after a close encounter with her granddaughter in their backyard.

Missy Hawes said she noticed her granddaughter, Blake Massie, staring off at something behind them as the two were playing on the porch around 6 p.m. Monday.

At first, all Hawes saw was some “brown fluff movement,” she said.

“And then I really turned and looked, and the bear — you can’t really tell from the video, but the bear was less than 10 feet away — so I just had to scoop her up and scream and run into the house,” Hawes told KTLA.

In the video, she can be heard screaming as she moves quickly to pick up the girl and pull her inside, but Hawes said her granddaughter was able to keep her cool.

“I think she was more frightened when I screamed than actually seeing the bear, because the bear made no noise whatsoever,” she said.

The family has already had a good amount of bear encounters this spring, Hawes said, with one appearing in the driveway to dig through their trash about two weeks ago. They’ve also seen mountain lions, coyotes and deer in the area.

“We’ve had some summers where we’ve had no bear and some summers where we’ve had tons of bears,” she said. “I’m thinking this might be a summer with a lot of bear activity.”

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