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A Southern California woman awoke Friday to find vandals had torn her car apart.

But they weren’t people; they were bear cubs.

Jenny Kay said the two cubs somehow found their way into her sedan in Sierra Madre.

Her dog began barking overnight and when Kay went outside with a flashlight, she saw the seats and upholstery of the car had been shredded.

Neighbors told her that bears had gotten into the vehicle, she said.

Video from a neighbor showed the large cubs climbing out of the car when police arrived.

Kay said she is glad that the bears weren’t harmed but called the situation ridiculous.

“Like, do you guys know anybody who had a bear in their car” she said. “It’s nuts.”

Kay owns a local market and said she wished the cubs had gone there instead of trashing her car.

“They could have come and gotten a lot more food and a lot more things,” she said. “Like, come to Mary’s Market for good food and coffee, don’t come to my car.”