A Bellflower mural depicting Los Angeles greats like Vin Scully, Danny Trejo and Oscar De La Hoya could be taken down because it violates the city’s municipal code.

The owners of Speedy Auto Tint, located at 17149 Woodruff Ave., hired an artist to paint the mural, which took a month to complete. But now that it’s done, they might be forced to remove it.

And while the owners have received positive feedback, it might not be enough to save it.

“It’s the best thing to happen to Bellflower,” Steve Smith, who lives in the city, said. “We don’t want to take it down, they put so much work into it.”

Artist Louie “Sloe” Palsino said L.A. natives will understand the unity the mural brings to the community.

  • A mural on the side of a Bellflower business seen on April 27, 2023, could be taken down because it violates a municipal code. (KTLA)
  • Boxer Oscar De La Hoya is featured in the Bellflower mural. April 27, 2023. (KTLA)
  • Rapper Tupac and actor Danny Trejo are featured in the Bellflower mural. April 27, 2023. (KTLA)

But the owners have run into a problem.

The mural faces Woodruff Avenue, and Bellflower municipal code requires that painted murals face side streets. A permit, which they apparently don’t have, is also required.

The owners started a petition that has since attracted celebrity attention, including Trejo himself.

“Amazing mural by @MotionsSloe in Bellflower. Go check it out before the city removes it!,” the “Machete” actor tweeted.

As of Thursday morning, the Change.org petition had at least 1,500 signatures.

Co-owner Renae Cornejo told KTLA they are going to ask the city for an exception.

“We really wanted something to kind of bring the community together, kind of make Bellflower proud,” she said. “I’m hoping (the petition) will show the city, if we get enough people, that, hey, people love this, come on, you can’t make us tear it down.”
According to the Bellflower Mayor Sonny R. Santa Ines, there have been complaints about the mural.

“The City does not object to the content of the mural … however, it does not comply with the established mural standards in the Municipal Code, and we have received complaints about that fact,” a statement from the mayor’s office read. “Our staff is engaged with the owner of the business and we are actively seeking an appropriate solution.”

The owners explained that when they started the process for the mural, they didn’t think it was would be an issue because it was on their building on private property. They said they are going through the appeals process and they plan to request a hearing with the city.