A Beverly Hills High School wrestling coach has been fired after campus security video showed him shoving a student earlier this month.

In the video obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Ryan Faintich appears to be speaking to two students before he gets closer to one of the students and shoves him. The three continue talking, but at times, Faintich gets in the student’s face. Other students could be seen in the video watching the discussion between the coach and the students. Faintich shoves the student two more times before eventually walking away.

Faintich was suspended after the Nov. 2 incident and was fired last week, the Times reported, citing the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

Students came to the coach’s defense, saying Faintich was defending another student.

Parents at a school board meeting last week also spoke out in support of Faintich.

One parent of a wrestler said “Coach Ryan” continued to coach amid the pandemic, having students do squats in front of a computer.

“Bottom line, coach kept you guys together,” the parent said.

“If you continued to go through this wrestling program with Coach Ryan as your coach, you not only entered the wrestling room as young boys, but I guarantee you will be graduating from this high school as very good young men. So please board, I ask you, I beg you, to please reevaluate and reinstate Coach Ryan as the wrestling coach.”

Faintich himself spoke during the meeting, saying his “heart was in the right place,” during the caught-on-video incident.

“The choices I made to make contact, physically, with a student of Beverly Hills was not the correct way to deal with the situation,” Faintich said. “While I perceived a threat, and I truly wanted to protect and safeguard my wrestlers, there was a better way to handle.”