A pair of thieves have been arrested after snatching purses from unsuspecting customers at some Beverly Hills restaurants over the weekend.  

Video captured the suspects at Wally’s, an upscale wine and cheese bar on Canon Drive, on Saturday.  

The footage shows a male and female suspect standing behind a table of customers. The man appears to be having a conversation on his cellphone when the woman is seen easily sliding a customer’s purse off the back of the chair and then placing it in a larger handbag she had on her shoulder. The duo then casually turns, appear to speak to an employee and then walk out of the establishment.  

Beverly Hills police told KTLA that after the suspects left Wally’s, they strolled down Canon Drive where they committed the same crime at yet another restaurant.  

This incident comes on the heels of another purse snatching on Mother’s Day that was captured on camera at a popular restaurant in Culver City. In that case, police are searching for at least three suspects in what they said was a coordinated theft.  

As for the Beverly Hills thieves, now identified as Edeson S. Ramirez and Jeeny C. Pineda, cameras also captured their license plate, which led to their arrest on Sunday in Fontana. The suspects are facing charges of conspiracy to commit burglary.  

  • Beverly Hill purse snatchers
  • Beverly Hill purse snatchers
  • Beverly Hill purse snatchers

At least some of the stolen property was recovered, according to Lt. Moreno with the Beverly Hills Police Department, though it is unclear if it has been returned to the owners while the case is still under investigation.