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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department late Friday released footage of the fatal shooting of Fred Williams III, who was killed during a foot chase in Willowbrook this month in what marked the first deputy shooting captured on department-issued body cameras.

Sheriff’s officials released an 11-minute briefing that included body camera footage, security video and radio communications from the incident. The disclosure came after Williams’ family reviewed the footage with the captain of the Century station, where the deputy involved was assigned. The agency rolled out body cameras there and at four other stations this month.

The footage from Oct. 16 shows Williams, 25, on top of a garden shed, holding a gun while jumping over a fence, before he was shot. During the incident, the deputy broadcast over the radio that Williams “pointed 417 at me,” referring to the firearm.

The man’s father, Fred Williams Jr., said the body camera footage refutes that.

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