Los Angeles is filled with photo-worthy landmarks, so it’s no surprise that an L.A. restaurant is ranked among the most photo-worthy places to eat in North America.

Bottega Louie, a downtown L.A. restaurant known for its Italian cuisine, breakfast and dessert options, ranked second among 61 of the “most photo-worthy places to eat in the U.S. and Canada,” according to Yelp.

“I think the food was so good that we spent the majority of the time quietly eating our dinner,” wrote Yelp Elite reviewer Lisa M. “The desserts and macarons are expensive but are very well crafted and made. I think they make great gifts for someone or a treat for yourself.” 

As of Aug. 1, approximately 31,000 photos of Bottega Louie have been shared.

The restaurant also has a second location in West Hollywood that serves food destined to live on someone’s Instagram feed.

The complete list of top 10 photogenic restaurants in the U.S. and Canada includes:

  1. Bacchanal Buffet (Las Vegas, Nevada) – 32,658 photos
  2. Bottega Louie (Los Angeles, California) – 30,817 photos
  3. Marugame Udon (Honolulu, Hawaii) – 17,500 photos
  4. Girl & The Goat (Chicago, Illinois) – 15,852 photos
  5. Katz’s Delicatessen (New York, New York) – 13,727 photos
  6. Founding Farmers (Washington DC) – 12,709 photos
  7. Acme Oyster House (New Orleans, Louisiana) – 10,190 photos
  8. Screen Door Eastside (Portland, Oregon) – 8,753 photos
  9. Piroshky Piroshky (Seattle, Washington) – 8,430 photos
  10. Versailles Restaurant (Miami, Florida) – 8,208 photos

The complete list of the 61 restaurants deemed to be the most photo-worthy can be found here.

This list was comprised based on how frequently users submitted restaurant photos on Yelp.