A pair of break-ins at stores along Ventura Boulevard in Studio City caused major financial losses and damage, with thieves even making off with one store’s mannequins.  

At Mag.Pi Boutique, a man and a woman were captured on the store’s surveillance cameras ransacking the shop just before 2 a.m. Tuesday. 

The burglars broke in through a window and set off the store’s alarm.

Lisette Bovaird, manager of the boutique, said the couple was in the store for less than a minute, but still made off with clothing, leather goods and a case of custom jewelry.  

“They just grabbed very quickly and then were gone,” store employee Stefanie Pollard told KTLA’s Kimberly Cheng. 

While she didn’t know the exact dollar amount of merchandise stolen, Bovaird estimated that the loss was significant. 

“I’ve made lists, but I would say tens and tens of thousands worth of stuff,” she said. “We do carry some fine jewelry.”  

Just a few doors down in the same shopping center, thieves hit Gisele Tune Clothing taking off with a heavy mannequin in broad daylight and nobody noticed.  

“We have a mannequin that we keep out here, every day for 26 years, and on Sunday, someone came and just took the whole torso,” Gisele Tune, store owner, told KTLA. “It had a jacket, t-shirt, jewelry and a pair of jeans.”  

Employees at Mag.Pi said they feel violated because the store is like a second home.  

“Small mom and pop trying to do it and the week of Christmas. So, we’re just really devastated,” Bovaird said.  

According to the employees at the boutique, police did arrive quickly, but the burglary suspects were already gone. They’re hoping that the video will lead to an arrest.  

Police in North Hollywood are investigating the break-in at Mag.Pi. As for the mannequin theft, Tune said she hasn’t reported the incident yet.