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Gayle Anderson was live in Costa Mesa at the BRAVEMIND exhibition at Heroes Hall at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Bravemind is a virtual reality experience created by USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies to enhance established therapeutic techniques to treat post-traumatic stress. The immersive tool is also used for resilience training for soldiers before they are deployed. We are able to see Bravemind in addition to The SAAAB Story exhibit, which chronicles the history of the Santa Ana Army Air Base. At Heroes Hall, the Bravemind exhibit will include VR segments allowing visitors to see firsthand how the technology works, as well as several videos and informational displays about the technology and those it has helped. Guests can use specialty goggles to view a two-and-a-half-minute virtual reality segment on the first floor of Heroes Hall. Visitors will enter the virtual world of war and see the type of scenes typically used to help veterans. The content is recommended for those 13 years and older. Experience this fascinating and eye-opening exhibition firsthand and learn about how Bravemind has become a valuable resource for helping military and veterans. For more information, please check the website.

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