Police are searching for several people caught on video stealing items from stores in Riverside this month.

The first robbery involved multiple women looting a Nordstrom Rack store on Oct. 10., according to Riverside Police.

Security video shows the women entering the store and heading straight to the “high-end” women’s handbag section. One woman is seen using scissors to furiously cut security devices attached to a row of tote bags on a shopping rack.

At least three other women grabbed designer purses.

Employees tried stopping the women from leaving, but say they threatened to stab them with scissors. The women fled the store with around $3,000 worth of merchandise, according to police.

The second robbery involved two suspects carting away a bounty of goods from a Smart and Final on Oct. 1., according to police.

The frantic swindling was caught on a security camera as one suspect rapidly pushes a cart filled with boxes of diapers toward the exit.

Two employees try to stop the man, but fail. A second suspect is seen ramming her cart into a store employee as she tries to exit. Her cart is filled to the brim with gallons of laundry detergent.

A bystander and an employee try to thwart the woman from leaving the store but are unsuccessful.

Police say the two suspects loaded up their vehicle and drove off with about $500 worth of loot.