A Beverly Grove family is concerned for their safety after home surveillance cameras captured a brazen burglar who broke into their home while they were asleep and swiped cash and the family car. 

The incident occurred Sunday around 3:30 a.m. with the thief jumping a locked gate and wandering around the backyard before slipping inside the home.  

Rabbi Moshe Nourollah, the homeowner, examined the damage where the thief broke in and said he still can’t believe that someone would do that.  

“Coming in the middle of the night, bombarding somebody’s house, stealing, that’s insane, you know what I mean?” he told KTLA.  

The security cameras on the home did not deter the crook, and the family’s alarm system was not activated.  

“He came in from the back door,” Batya Nourollah said. “Police said he pried open the door, he came inside, took the wallet. He came upstairs where I was sleeping in my bedroom. It’s mortifying.”

It wasn’t until the next day that the Nourollah’s discovered they’d been victimized. The rabbi was already at morning prayer at the Bait Aaron JFK Synagogue.  

“In the morning, I get up, go to the synagogue…and then all of a sudden my wife comes and she says, ‘Hey, where’s the car?’ I said I didn’t take it.”

The thief, who the homeowners say was in the house for as long as 20 minutes, had swiped the keys and after sauntering around outside, calmly backed the Nourollahs’ silver Honda SUV out of the driveway and drove away.  

Beverly Grove break-in
Home surveillance cameras captured a person breaking into a Beverly Grove home while the family slept inside, and later, stealing the family’s car.

“The community is not safe anymore. It’s really bad, we don’t understand what’s going on,” Rabbi Nourollah said.  

Through a tracking device, the family learned that their car was in Bakersfield. Investigators with the Los Angeles Police Department said another vehicle stolen from the neighborhood on Sunday morning had also been tracked to the same area. However, neither of the cars have been recovered and police have no suspects in the case.  

“If you go to a country like Saudi Arabia, you steal, they chop your hands off,” the rabbi said. “I’m not saying they should do that, but if they make the law a little bit harsher, people would learn not to steal.”