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Police are searching for a hit-and-run driver, of a vehicle previously believed to be stolen, who crashed into two bicyclists, killing one, in Koreatown Tuesday morning.

An investigation revealed that the unknown driver was parked on the north curb of Olympic Boulevard about 3:20 a.m. when, as the driver was pulling away, the victim of an unrelated grand theft auto jumped on the hood of the vehicle, believing the driver had something to do with the theft of his vehicle.

The vehicle continued west on Olympic with the victim still on the hood before the victim eventually fell off the hood onto the street, Los Angeles Police Department officials said.

The driver of the vehicle continued on Olympic near Mariposa Avenue, when he or she crashed into two bicyclists who were also traveling west.

The driver then continued without stopping and rendering aid.

One of the victims was pronounced dead following the collision, Otero said. The second victim was taken to a hospital and was listed in stable condition.

The victims have not been identified, but authorities said they were brothers who were riding to work when they were struck.

“It’s really unfortunate. These two individuals just trying to go to work in the morning,” Capt. Anthony Otero said.

The suspect fled the scene in the truck, described as a white Jeep Cherokee, following the crash and is still outstanding.

Police previously indicated the suspect vehicle was stolen, but it now remains unclear if it in fact was.

There were reports of a man tagging at a nearby vacant lot just before the deadly crash. Police are investigating whether the incidents are related.

Investigators are also searching the area for surveillance video and witnesses.

A $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the identity, arrest and conviction of the driver in the case.

Anyone with information about this collision is asked to contact west traffic detectives at 213-473-0234.