A home in the Cheviot Hills neighborhood of West Los Angeles was burglarized on Christmas Eve.

The crime was captured by the homeowner’s security cameras and shared on the neighborhood watch social media site Nextdoor.

The homeowner, Alex, tells KTLA she and her kids were at a family member’s home to celebrate Christmas Eve dinner.

When they returned home, they found that a light was on and her front door was unlocked and her backdoor was wide open. The family’s dog was also home at the time.

After checking her home security footage, she saw what appeared to be two men break into her home on Club Drive.

“Two people in hoodies, masks and gloves caught on camera at 7:40 p.m.,” Alex wrote. “Stole thousands of dollars of stuff and were in and out in under 10 minutes.”

Alex told KTLA the thieves stole several designer handbags with a value estimated around $13,000.

She added that the burglars used the side gates of the home which were keycode-protected and it was unclear if they hopped the fence or managed to figure out the passcode.

After sharing images and videos on Nextdoor, Alex learned that other people in the area have fallen victim to burglaries, possibly by the same culprits.

Alex said that she believes the thieves took off in a dark red SUV.

Police confirmed that they responded to the scene and took a report regarding a burglary, but additional information was not available. Authorities have not confirmed if the burglars seen in Alex’s video are responsible for other break-ins in the area.

Ultimately, Alex used her break-in as a friendly reminder to her neighbors.

“Set your alarms, have a plan if you have an intruder and stay vigilant,” she wrote.