An antique and collectibles business in Riverside is pleading for help, hoping someone can identify burglars that have broken into the store twice over the last month.  

Surveillance footage shows thieves smash through glass doors in February and then, again last Friday. They stole high-end valuables and some rare movie props that were on display inside the shop. 

“Glass everywhere. My building was ransacked, everything I worked hard to put in here was just thrown everywhere,” said Sharonne Leibscher, owner of Annie Rooster’s Sally Anne’s Antiques, Collectibles & More. 

The business owner said she still gets emotional about the burglaries and estimates that she’s out more than $40,000 because of stolen merchandise and costly repairs to her store.  

“The first one happened February 22. I received a phone call from property management stating that my building had been broken into,” Leibscher said.  

She arrived that day to find shattered glass and items, like clothing, handbags, jewelry, old coins, vintage paper money and home goods items that were boxed up stolen. The store owner said the thieves even used her own boxes to load and steal items from the store.  

In response to that break-in, Leibscher installed a Ring camera, but that didn’t deter thieves. Last Friday, just after 4 a.m., they broke in yet again, breaking in through a window. Moments later, they can be seen carrying bags out of the same window.  

  • Riverside business burglarized

“I put my heart and soul into this, to have some strangers come in and ruin it, it’s pretty devastating,” she said.  

Riverside police said it’s unclear if these are the same burglars who targeted the business in February, but Leibscher believes it is. She added that she won’t let the thieves take her joy away but wants them to know that they’re hurting people with these crimes.  

“You really hurt people when you do things like this,” she said. “I’m not rich. I have a family. I have children. I have bills to pay just like everyone else.”  

Leibscher has since had an alarm system installed and has set up a GoFundMe campaign for anyone who would like to help her with expenses related to repairs, security and business recovery expenses.  

Police said the suspects seen in the video are described as Hispanic males in their 20-30s. Anyone with information about the break-ins is encouraged to contact authorities.