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Just days ago, Alondra Romero posed for pictures, excited about her future as a college graduate.

“She’s very hardworking, loving daughter, sister, friend. She cares about everybody,” said Stephanie Romero, Alondra’s sister.

Now the 23-year-old from Gardena is hospitalized in critical condition after a serious car accident.

“She’s on a ventilator. Half her body is casted, because of her bones, they’re all broken from her waist down, basically. It’s very difficult to see her,” Stephanie said.

Making it even more difficult for her family, Alondra is 3,000 miles from home in Puerto Rico.

Alondra traveled there 10 days ago, a vacation with friends to celebrate their upcoming graduation from Cal State Fullerton.

They were out exploring the island when Alondra decided to take over driving duties. She stepped out of the rental car and was slammed by another driver.

Now Alondra’s sister and brother are in Puerto Rico. They are hoping she regains consciousness, and more than anything, they just want her to be well enough to come back home to California.

“She’s my half, like I’m her half,” Stephanie said. “She doesn’t deserve this. I want her to have best life she was meant to have, what she’s been working hard for.”