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The two mass vaccination sites announced by the federal government Wednesday, including one at Cal State Los Angeles, will provide COVID-19 vaccines to vulnerable communities and people with limited access to transportation — a move that would try to address problems for seniors who have struggled to get to sites around the country.

The opening of the sites in California — one on the Eastside of Los Angeles, the other at the Oakland Coliseum — reflect the federal government’s growing involvement in the distribution of the vaccine. The sites, scheduled to open Feb. 16, will be staffed mostly by federal workers, including officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services.

“These sites in California are just the beginning,” said Jeff Zients, who leads President Biden’s task force on COVID-19. “The Biden administration is planning to establish roughly 100 sites across the country.”

Zients said the initiative in California will help “two of the communities most hard hit by this pandemic.”

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