California 2016 New Laws: Hundreds Set to Take Effect on Jan. 1

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The California State Capitol building is seen in a file photo. (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

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Californians face new restrictions on carrying guns, protections from warrantless searches of their emails, immunity from city fines for installing artificial turf and higher pay if they earn minimum wage under laws that take effect with the new year.

Many of the 807 bills signed into law touch on broad aspects of California residents’ everyday lives or address major issues like voter participation, and life and death.

Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature made national headlines last year with ground-breaking actions that will regulate medical marijuana, require more children to be vaccinated and help terminally ill Californians to hasten their deaths.

Parents, students, healthcare providers and anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car will see changes — some immediately, some over the course of the year.

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