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Los Angeles County gas prices spiked again over the weekend, with the average price climbing about 10 cents a gallon to $3.88 as of Monday, the latest AAA figures show.

That’s higher than California’s statewide average of $3.80 for a gallon of regular unleaded, which also happens to be the most expensive of any state at the moment.

In one month, prices at the pump have soared in the Golden State, climbing from an average of $3.30 to $3.80, according to AAA.

L.A. County, meanwhile, has seen an even sharper spike, with the cost increasing by about 55 cents since March 8.

But neighboring counties haven’t fared much better as far as the cost of gasoline.

A gallon of regular unleaded is just slightly cheaper in Orange and Ventura counties, where it costs an average of $3.85. In San Bernardino and Riverside counties, it’s hovering around $3.80.

All represent big increases from the previous week, according to Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for

The recent double-digit hike is due in part to recent issues at several West Coast refineries, including in Carson in Wilmington, which has reduced the supply of gasoline,  Jeffrey Spring, a spokesman for the Automobile Club of Southern California, said in a news release last week.

Experts predict prices won’t be coming down anytime soon.

DeHaan forecasts the average price in California will hit $4 for a gallon of regular gasoline by the end of this week — something no state has experienced in nearly the past five years.

He also tweeted another sobering reminder for drivers: “You’re going to hate me for this #California, but if it wasn’t bad enough, your state gas tax will rise 5.6 cents per gallon in less than 90 days.”

California’s gas tax goes up again effective July 1.