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Southern California residents will have the chance to join the ranks of Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg and lend their expert opinions to an upcoming cannabis competition.

High Times, a magazine that covers the news and culture of cannabis, is looking for judges for its annual Southern California Cannabis Cup.

The cannabis competition will be judged by regular weed consumers who purchase a judging kit, the publication said.

The kits range in price from $60 to $200 depending on the category, and judges can choose from more than 11 options.

Participating judges will evaluate and vote on categories including best indica, sativa and edibles, which are provided by more than 150 participating local brands. Each kit will come with various samples so the judge can make an informed decision and provide detailed comments on the “aesthetics, aroma, taste and effects of each product.”

The Cannabis Cup has a long history in Southern California, and as evidenced by the previous all-star lineup of celebrity experts, is a prestigious pot prize fight.

This year’s contest is the second time the magazine has opted for an online format, according to Mark Kazinec, High Times’ director of events and competitions.

“We look forward to bringing in a more diverse pool of judges to crown the best of the best producers in the state. With more recreational categories and products than ever before, we can’t wait to see the kits on store shelves this weekend and hear the feedback from the California cannabis community,” Kazinec said.

The judging kits went on sale Saturday and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each kit comes in a smell-proof bag and includes scoring cards.

Each expert judge has 60 days to evaluate their options and submit their scorecards before July 24. Judges might want to set a reminder.

More than 40,000 grams of cannabis products are packed and ready for shipment, High Times said.

To buy a judging kit, see past winners, or read about the pot companies participating in the Cannabis Cup, click here.