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A car slammed into a building in Fullerton early Wednesday morning, sparking a fire and leaving two people injured, authorities said.

The two occupants of the vehicle were taken for medical treatment but their condition is not known, Mike Mecham, battalion chief for Fullerton and Brea Fire Departments, told reporters just before 5 a.m.

They were found outside of the car by the time firefighters arrived to the scene near West Orangethorpe Avenue and Brookhurst Street around 2:40 a.m., and the vehicle appeared to be a “fair distance into the building,” Mecham said.

Bryan Zibas, who witnessed the crash, said the car was speeding before it lost control, “fishtailed” and smashed into the building. He said he helped pull a female victim out of the car.

“She was shaken up, totally in shock,” Zibas said.

Mecham said it appears the car was able to go so far in because that area of the building does not have a lot of “structural components” to it.

“Based on the amount of damage to the vehicle, I would say they’re very lucky,” Mecham said of the two victims.

The fire chief also said the car was probably traveling at a “fairly good rate of speed” before the collision.

It’s unclear whether speeding or alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash as it remains under investigation. No other details have been released by authorities.