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Animal advocates in North Hollywood are outraged over the way they say cats have recently been trapped at a local elementary school.

For over a decade, a handful of residents in the neighborhood have been trying to control the cat population through a method called Trap Neuter Release. They use box traps to humanely catch the cats, take them to get spayed or neutered, vaccinated and ear-tipped so that others know they have received vet care. They are then returned to their outdoor home.

In January, residents said they noticed traps appeared on the grounds of Oxnard Street Elementary School.

“The presence of feral cats on our campuses can jeopardize the safety and wellbeing of students and staff because of their potential for transmitting diseases or causing harm to humans,” the Los Angeles Unified School District said in a statement.

While school officials told KTLA that no cats were trapped on campus, neighbors said many of their community cats have recently gone missing.

Trapping without posting signs or a permit is considered a misdemeanor and an administrative citation can be issued.

Kacey Montoya reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Feb. 4, 2020.