Caught-on-Video Confrontation Between Downtown L.A. Bar Owner and Homeless Man Stirs Debate

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The camerawork is unsteady and it’s impossible to tell what prompted the fight.

But the video posted to YouTube clearly shows Christian Frizzell, the owner of the Redwood Bar & Grill in downtown Los Angeles, wrestling with and yelling at another man — identified as Frank, a homeless panhandler who hangs around the area.

The video shows the two men in the crosswalk outside the bar at night. Frank is on his back with Frizzell standing over him. Frizzell then shouts expletives: “Get your … and get the … out of here!” He kicks what appears to be Frank’s shoe, left in the middle of the street.

What took place Thursday has prompted debates about Frizzell’s character, attitudes toward the homeless and the reckless nature of social media.

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