California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials announced Saturday that famous mountain lion P-22 was euthanized.

The cougar had apparently been struck by a car shortly before he was captured on Monday. Prior to his capture, he had been accused of attacking pet Chihuahuas in the Hollywood Hills.

The 12-year-old cougar was a certified star, even by Los Angeles standards. His prowl in front of the Hollywood sign made for a compelling National Geographic photograph, and each sighting in and near his adopted home in Griffith Park created a buzz of excitement.

  • P-22 is seen in a photo provided by the the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area on May 2, 2019.
  • Mountain Lion P-22
  • Mountain lion P-22 is seen is in a photo released by the National Park Service on Feb. 18, 2021. (NPS / Jeff Sikich)
  • Mountain lion P-22 seen here captured and sedated after being caught in the backyard of a Los Feliz home Dec 12, 2022 (Sarah Picchi)
  • This Nov. 2014 file photo provided by the National Park Service shows a newly released image of the Griffith Park mountain lion known as P-22. The mountain lion that's a local celebrity has moved in under a Los Angeles home, and despite wildlife workers using a prod and firing tennis balls and bean bags at it, it appears unwilling to move. The animal, which has a red ear tag, is known as P-22 and normally lives in nearby Griffith Park. P-22 arrived in the area several years ago from the Santa Monica Mountains and crossed two freeways to get there. P-22, will be captured and given a health examination after he killed a dog that was being walked in the Hollywood Hills. The state Department of Fish and Game says P-22's behavior has changed and he "may be exhibiting signs of distress." (National Park Service via AP, File)

Many local leaders remembered P-22 for increasing public interest in protecting wildlife.