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A Chatsworth man has been indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with making detailed threats to rape and kill two women who are sisters, officials announced Friday.

Alex Scott Roberts, 25, faces two counts of stalking and four counts of making threats through text messages, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California said in a news release.

If convicted, Roberts could face up to five years in federal prison for each count in the indictment — a total of 30 years, officials said.

Roberts allegedly sent anonymous text messages to two sisters, who authorities identified as “Victim 1” and “Victim 2,” in which he threatened to cause “substantial bodily harm,” according to the indictment filed in Los Angeles federal court.

Authorities did not provide any details about Roberts’ alleged motive and it’s unclear whether he knew the sisters beforehand. However, Roberts’ threats allegedly placed the women “in reasonable fear of death and serious bodily injury,” officials said. 

In one example from July 31, Roberts allegedly posted a Craigslist advertisement that offered a room for rent at Victim 1’s home and invited prospective renters to “Stop by anytime,” according to the indictment. Roberts created the listing after the victim and her family had asked him to stop contacting her, authorities allege.

Two days later, Roberts allegedly sent anonymous text messages to a friend of Victim 1 that demanded Victim 1’s phone number. Roberts also said he would publish nude photos of Victim 1 and send someone to rape her, officials allege.

From Aug. 11 to Aug. 18, Roberts allegedly continued to send threatening text messages to Victim 1 and her sister, Victim 2, according to the indictment. Later messages included threats such as, “have either of u been raped I guess you will experience that soon,” and “I have a gun aimed right at both your mom and dad . . . If u don[’]t respond someone will die.”

Roberts is currently in state custody serving a sentence for violating his parole in September, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

He is expected to be transferred into federal custody by the FBI at the end of the month for the cyberstalking case, officials said.