Chihuahua Tied Up in Sack, Abandoned on IE Road

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MEAD VALLEY (KTLA) — A 3-year-old Chihuahua mix is looking for a new home after someone put her in a burlap bag and dumped her at the end of a dirt road in Riverside County.

Debra Johnson, a volunteer for the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center, came across the sack near Nandina and Cole avenues, not far from her home.

She noticed a stray dog sniffing at the sack and stopped to check it out. Inside, she found a shivering, dirty animal.

Fortunately, after a bath and a good meal, the dog — nicknamed “Angel” — appears to be happy and healthy.

Rescuers believe that she was someone’s pet, and say they have no idea why she was dumped.

Angel will have to be spayed, but she should be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks.

According to Johnson, this isn’t an isolated incident. She says that, last year alone, she rescued 76 abandoned dogs within a half-mile of her home.

Rescuers hope Angel’s situation will make people think twice before dumping unwanted pets.

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