The California Highway Patrol pursued an alleged thief from Ventura County to Woodland Hills Friday afternoon, eventually bringing the vehicle to a halt with a PIT maneuver.

The vehicle, a dark-colored Toyota Prius, was associated with a catalytic converter theft in Camarillo, said Capt. Worthy of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

When deputies tried to pull the Prius over, the driver sped away. The CHP then took over the chase.

The Prius spent parts of the chase on the 101 Freeway, regularly remaining above 80 mph and at times nearing 100 mph.

The vehicle suffered rear damage that left its bumper hanging behind the car, though it remains unclear how that damage was caused.

After a few minutes, the driver then pulled onto surface streets, namely Ventura Boulevard, where it weaved around traffic and blew through red lights.

By about 2:10 p.m., the Prius was trapped by CHP vehicles, one of which conducted a PIT maneuver to bring the pursuit to a halt at De Soto Avenue and Ventura Boulevard.

The driver could be seen holding his hands above his head as he exited his vehicle and surrendered to officers.

A woman also exited the Prius and surrendered to the CHP.