A Southern California-based child advocacy group has released video of 59-year-old Ed Gale, the actor who played Chucky in the 1988 horror film “Child’s Play,” admitting to engaging in sexually explicit online conversations with a boy he thought was 14 with the aim of having a physical encounter.

The group behind the video sting, Creep Catchers Unit, confronted Gale at his Hollywood apartment with printouts of the online conversations. 

“Did you try to solicit child pornography from him,” the founder of the CC Unit, who goes by the name Ghost, can be seen asking the actor. 

“I tried to get him…a naked picture from him, yes,” Gale replies.

  • Ed Gale caught on video
  • Ed Gale caught on video
  • Ed Gale caught on video

Gale, who also starred in well-known films like “Howard the Duck” and “Spaceballs,” as well as “Child’s Play 2” and the “Bride of Chucky,” says in the video that he’s aware he committed a felony by having a sexually explicit conversation with a minor online and that he was trying to “hook up.” 

“Every conversation you guys talk about, you turn it into something sexual, don’t you?” Ghost asks in the video.  

“I did, yes,” Gale says.  

“Why would you turn everything sexual, Ed?” Ghost asks.  

“Because this was a whole hook-up in the making,” Gale answers.  

When asked how many kids he’s had sexual conversations with online, the actor tells Ghost that he thinks he may have spoken with 10 other victims.  

“Yes, I’m admitting I know it was wrong and it was illegal,” Gale says to Ghost. “I’m admitting that and I’m sorry.”  

At another point in the video, two detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department are seen entering Gale’s apartment. According to a CC Unit Instagram post, the detectives confiscated electronic devices at the scene, though the actor was not taken into custody.

KTLA has reached out to LAPD for an update on its investigation.

A representative of CC Unit says the group has reported hundreds of similar operations where adults pose as minors online and coordinate meetings, many of which result in criminal charges.