Church Group Searching for Rightful Recipient After Finding Cash-Filled Christmas Card in Cerritos

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A church group is searching for the rightful recipient of a card someone dropped in a vehicle at Polly's Pies in Cerritos. (Credit: KTLA)

A church group is searching for the rightful recipient of a card someone dropped in a vehicle at Polly’s Pies in Cerritos. (Credit: KTLA)

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Could it be a Christmas mix-up? Some members of a local church believe someone accidentally dropped a Christmas card containing a significant amount of cash inside one of their cars.

It happened Saturday morning at Polly’s Pies restaurant in Cerritos.

Now the church group is concerned the money was meant for somebody who was really depending on it. They want to make sure the money gets to the right person.

"Saturday morning our church women's group ended up coming to Polly’s Pies to have our annual Christmas breakfast and Paula here, she came out to her car, left it unlocked, and instead of having the opposite kind of a story where somebody stole stuff out of her car, somebody must've gotten into her car mistakenly thinking it was theirs. Maybe, we're thinking the scenario they left their stuff on the passenger seat, and then once they realized that it wasn't their car, picked up their stuff, left the Christmas card on her passenger seat. Then when Paula came out, she found the Christmas card, thinking, 'who is this?' She opened the card and that's when we discovered that there was a lot more than just a Christmas card in there” Bertha Vàzquez said.

A lot more indeed. The card contained a large cash gift in the range of several hundred dollars.

"It was our church women's group. We're gonna go there and, 'Yay! Breakfast is paid for!' No! We have to find these people," Vàzquez said

There could be another reason to find them too.

Inside the card it reads, “Robert and Donna, Wishing you a very merry Christmas. May the new year bring you many blessings, above all, good health. Enjoy the holidays. Love, Rodger and what looks like Nicki.”

Perhaps the money was meant to help "Robert and Donna" with medical bills.

“The words that the generous donors, Roger and Nicki, wrote ... they wanted to bless somebody and now that hasn’t happened yet,” Vàzquez said.

The women’s church group from Primer Iglesias Bautista in Norwalk doesn’t want to reveal exactly how much money was in the card, or what kind of make and model vehicle was where the card was dropped. The church group says the true owners will know those details.

If you do, contact KTLA and we can help get this money to the right people.

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