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The city of Compton accused the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department of “rampant” fraud on Wednesday, claiming the agency routinely charges for patrol work that is not done.

The allegations were made in a legal claim filed with the county, which is a precursor to a lawsuit. In it, Compton officials said the alleged deception has led to “major understaffing” and “a lack of responsiveness” to calls for service in the city. Compton pays the Sheriff’s Department more than $22 million a year to police the city and in exchange sheriff’s deputies are obligated to spend a certain amount of time each month patrolling Compton’s streets.

“Taxpayers are footing the bill for law enforcement services and they’re expecting those services to be provided,” Compton City Atty. Damon Brown said Wednesday. “For the Sheriff’s Department to be defrauding them of those dollars and essentially to steal money right out of the city coffers, that can’t go unaddressed.”

The fraud allegations surfaced earlier this year when a lawyer representing an anonymous deputy assigned to the Sheriff’s Compton station contacted city officials.

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