Clear, sunny skies are in the forecast for Saturday, with wind gusts of up to 25 miles per hour expected Saturday afternoon and into Saturday night. 

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures will increase, and the region will remain dry through Sunday. Temperatures are expected to drop by the end of the weekend.   

“A cooling trend with strengthening onshore flow is forecast for early next week,” said NWS. 

Low clouds are expected in coastal areas, but they will make way for sunshine on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are forecast to be cloudy, with cooler temperatures accompanying the overcast skies. 

“On Monday, we will see more cloud coverage, and Tuesday as well,” said KTLA meteorologist Kacey Montoya. “This is when temperatures are really going to start to cool off as the front passes through.” 

Thursday and Friday will see sunshine and warmer temperatures return to the region.