A group of protesters gathered in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon as part of a climate change rally, with several of the demonstrators handcuffing themselves to a building.

The protest began around noon near Pershing Square before demonstrators marched towards what appeared to be a Chase Bank location on the 700 block of Figueroa Street.

Once at the bank, protesters handcuffed themselves to the front entrance of the building and unfurled a sign that read “Chase Fuels The Crisis.”

The protest was organized by climate action organizations including Extinction Rebellion Los Angeles and in coordination with a worldwide group called Scientist Rebellion.

Social media posts by Scientist Rebellion, showed similar demonstrations happening across the globe Wednesday, including in London and Washington D.C.

Organizers said some of the protesters who handcuffed themselves to the building were scientists who specialize in climate studies.

The Los Angeles Police Department said it was aware of the protest, but gave little details about how it planned to address the demonstration. Videos shared with KTLA showed police detaining some of the protesters, although it was unclear if the demonstrators were arrested or just cited and released.

Temperatures in downtown Los Angeles neared 100 degrees during the protest on Wednesday.