Thursday may be 4/20 — cannabis’ big day — but Compton city officials had a unique way to celebrate.

The city joined with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to discuss the nine illegal dispensaries that have been shut down and send a warning to those that remain under the radar.

“This is a great example that other local cities can use a framework to shut down illegal operations in their own communities,” said Capt. Terrance Bell.

Not only are dispensaries banned in Compton, but some of the locations were selling more than just marijuana. At certain places, customers could find mushrooms, hard drugs and even weapons, officials said.

“These businesses are attracting violence, murders, robberies, fights,” said City Councilmember Andre Spicer. “They’re, again, just a nuisance to our neighborhoods.”

Also targeted are businesses like banks and landlords that provide services to these criminal enterprises, officials said.

Officials estimated that about 70 illegal businesses remain in operation, and the same task force that took down these nine businesses is expected to focus on those that remain going forward.