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Big Bear’s famed bald eagle pair Jackie and Shadow welcomed a new chick for the first time in a long time — and it needs a name.

Jackie laid two eggs live on the widely viewed bald eagle camera in January, according to Friends of Big Bear Valley, which manages the live feed of the nest.

One hatched earlier this month, bringing Big Bear’s famous pair their first healthy chick in two years.

  • Friends of Big Bear Valley shared this image from Jackie and Shadow’s nest.
  • Friends of Big Bear Valley shared this image from Jackie and Shadow’s nest.
  • Friends of Big Bear Valley shared this image from Jackie and Shadow’s nest.

A contest fundraiser to name the little eaglet is open until March 25.

Those who donate anywhere between $10 to $50 can submit names online for the bald eagle chick. After the deadline, 35 names will be randomly drawn.

The names will then be given to local Big Bear third grade classrooms for a final vote.

After that, all submissions will be entered into a random drawing for prizes, including Jackie and Shadow plush toys, a framed painting of the bald eagle couple, an eagle tapestry, and other gifts.

Since the chick’s gender is not known, a name that isn’t gender specific would work best, organizers said.

Friends of Big Bear Valley has been posting updates on the eaglet, saying it’s doing well and eating lots of fish.

“In addition to being adorable, our little one is gaining coordination and serious personality,” the group posted on Facebook Wednesday. “When Jackie’s tail passes over the chicks head the chick tried to grab her tail feathers… that sounds very familiar, oh yes, daddy does that too!”

“The chick is now starting to move around the nest bowl with ease, Jackie & Shadow better be ready, this one seems active and curious,” the group said.

The second egg in the nest is more than 48 days old and will not hatch, Friends of Big Bear Valley said.

The past few egg laying seasons haven’t been successful for Jackie and Shadow.

Last January, their first of three eggs was cracked and devoured by ravens within 24 hours of it being laid. Another egg met a similar fate, while the third broke during the laying process.

Jackie laid a second clutch with two eggs in February, but the chick from the first died during hatching and the second did not hatch at all. The same happened to both eggs Jackie laid in 2020.

The last time her eggs successfully hatched was in 2019.

Fans can follow Jackie and Shadow through the Big Bear Bald Eagle Live Nest Cam, which streams live 24/7 on YouTube.