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Coronavirus infections found at Los Angeles Unified schools rose steadily during the five weeks of summer school, but appear to have affected a small proportion of students and staff, according to data provided to the Los Angeles Times.

The increase in infections found through regular coronavirus screening corresponded with the rise of the Delta variant. The summer program began with a few cases detected among about 44,000 students and staff who attended in-person classes and were tested weekly. The nation’s second-largest school district enrolls about 465,000 K-12 students during the regular academic year.

Summer school classes started June 21 or June 22 — depending on the grade level — and concluded July 23. During the first week, the district recorded 20 infections among students. During the final week, the district recorded 59 infections, with a total of 174 student cases over the five weeks. Among staff, the figure was two for the first week and 16 for the last, with a total of 53 cases over the five weeks.

The vast majority of these cases appeared to have been contracted off campus. But there also were cases of possible transmission directly related to participation in summer school — a total of 12 over the five weeks. All but one of these cases involved students.

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