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Councilman Joe Buscaino last fall introduced plans for a controversial June ballot measure that would prohibit people from sleeping outdoors in public spaces in Los Angeles if they have turned down offers of shelter.

When that effort flagged at the City Council, Buscaino said he would instead aim to place his “Safer and Cleaner L.A.” measure before voters in November. He launched that effort Friday, submitting papers to the city clerk that, if approved, will allow him to begin gathering the nearly 65,000 valid voter signatures required.

A draft version of the proposal largely reflected the plans the mayoral candidate had previously laid out, including the controversial anticamping provision and changes in city code that would give the mayor additional land-use authority during a declared state of emergency related to homelessness.

But it includes one new eye-opening provision: docking the pay of elected city leaders if they don’t make sufficient progress on homelessness.

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